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Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips Opportunities for your student to explore the world.    Please check back as we will be adding more content!

** While we recommend these virtual field trips, All YouTube viewing should be monitored by parents and guardians. 

We cannot regulate public comments or ads that may pop up on YouTube.

Many of our students have already had the opportunity to take a Wild Earth Virtual Field trip in which we were able to skype with the Wild Earth Park Rangers.  

Wild Earth does this Safari open to the public every day, twice a day for 3 hours!   It is a great way to see the animals, plants and nature in South Africa.  

The Wild Earth YouTube Channel can be found here.

cincinati zoo.JPG

The Cincinnati Zoo is doing daily live Safari's in their zoo.  While the live portion is done through facebook, all of the videos are posted on their website and YouTube Channel. Their website also have activities for students to be interactive with each Safari.

The Cincinnati Zoo YouTube Channel Can be found here.

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