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Military Families

Military Family Life Counseling Services availiable!
 MFLC is available to serve students and families of Augustinian Academy.
In-school services available.
Contact our front office.

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Military Families play a vital role in our community here in the North Country and at Augustinian Academy.  The diversity and life experiences these students bring to our school are enjoyed and welcomed by all.  Our teachers have tremendous experience and excel at integrating new students into the classroom throughout the year and will ensure your child's success.  We have a Military Family Life Counselor in our school to assist our military children with issues unique to the military lifestyle.  Approximately 70% of our student population is affiliated with the Military.  We are proud of our wonderful relationship with Fort Drum and our military families! 

New to Fort Drum and Augustinian Academy?  Have questions about the area and/or the school?  We would be more than happy to put you in contact with another of our military families who can help you out and answer your questions.  We embrace our military families as our family!  Welcome to the North Country!  

Wendy O'Sullivan is the School Liasion Officer for Fort Drum.  Her office can answer many questions about the educational transition of families to Fort Drum and New York state.

How the SLO can help:

  • Build relationships and facilitate communication among Army Families and the local school community

  • Inform and assist parents with school transitions and deployment challenges

  • Establish school and community partnerships

  • Facilitate access to home school resources for parents

  • Provide information about college and other post-secondary opportunities and preparation materials

  • Inform and assist parents on youth education and school issues

Wendy can be reached at (315)772-3214 or click the link above for more info

Did you know??

The Army MWR library system is a great resource for students!  Visit your local MWR library to set up an account and get a PIN.  Then you and your child can access online resources such as Rosetta Stone, Tumble Books, Encyclopedia Britannica, Research resources such as Explora, Gale (History, Science and current events).

Resources for Military Families



Free Live Tutoring for Military Dependents:

The Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children (MIC3):

Military One Source:

National Military Family Association:

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