STEM Design Challenges with Mrs. Clarkson

Simple Machine Design Challenge

Materials Needed: Recycled Materials from you home.  

Task: Read about the 6 types of simple machines.  You are going to design and build your own simple machine to raise one of your toys 6 inches off the ground.

Remember your machine may not work the first time you test it!  That's ok!  Keep improving your design until it works!

Good Luck!

4-6-20 Paper Airplane STEM Challenge



Design a Paper Airplane in one or all of the following categories:

1) Longest Time Aloft - See how long your airplane can stay in the air!

2) Distance - How far can your airplane travel?

3) Coolest Design - Get creative and show off your artistic skills decorating your airlplane!

Have your parents send pictures of your airplanes to or to your teacher

Tin Foil Boats

3-30-20 STEM Challenge TIN FOIL Boats

Watch this week's design challenge video, then send pictures to and let Mrs Clarkson know how many pennies your boat can hold!  

Items needed: 

2x 12in square pieces of aluminum foil




Container of water (bucket, sink, bathtub etc.)

Student Tin Foil Boat Challenge
lego bits and bricks.JPG

Lego Bits and Bricks.  Puzzle based coding and problem solving.

NASA stem 2.JPG

Great at home STEM projects from NASA and MOST!

scratch jr.JPG

Fun for all grades.  Learn coding & develop creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Scratch Jr is an app based version perfect for ages 5-7 using a tablet or handheld device.


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