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Augustinian Academy is able to keep tuition costs low (25% of the state average of private elementary schools)  in large part because of the tremendous fundraising efforts of our families.  There are numerous opportunities throughout the year for families to participate in fundraising.  Although participation in every event is not mandatory, we do ask that families do as much as they can to contribute their time and talents to our fundraising endeavors.

Easy Everyday Fundraising

These are easy fundraising opportunities that you can contribute with your everyday shopping experiences.  Each small contribution can make a significant difference when everyone participates!  Share these with your friends and family too!

Buying and clipping BTFE products is just the start!  Ask extended family and friends to save Boxtops for you! Go online and look for other ways to collect box tops.  Each year we encourage participation with friendly competitions and goal setting.  In 2018, our biggest year yet, Fr Robinson was dunked in a dunk tank when we reached our goal!! 

2019 Box tops are now collected online.  Please scan your receipts using the mobile phone app or send your grocery receipts to the front office and we will scant them for you.

Amazon donates a portion of all sales through the website.  It is your normal amazon account and purchases, you just link your amazon account to Augustinian Academy.  Go to and click on select charity.  Search for Augustinian Academy and select St. James Church & Augustinian Academy in Carthage NY.   Easy!

Cans and bottles that have a 5 cent deposit can be donated to the school for refunds!  Just drop off your bag of refundables on the porch of the convent or ask our front office where to leave them.  Thanks!

Tops Friendly Market cards can be linked directly to our school and Tops generously donates 5% of eligible sales to our school.  Click on the link and register your card to our school.   Schools must be linked to your card every school year!

Fundraising Events

Our two largest fundraisers during the year are the annual Winter Gala (Feb) and the annual St. James Fair (June).  We ask each family to contribute time to each of these events.  There are many ways to help out before during and after the events.

These are some of the recurring fundraisers througout the year.  We ALWAYS need volunteers to help out with organizing these events, as well as families to actively participate in them. Feel free to offer your ideas and time to make these events successful!  Keep an eye on your email and make sure you are receiving sign-up genius notifications.  This is the primary way we communicate volunteer opportunities. Updates will also be on our SJVO Facebook page.   Please Call the front office during school hours or email

Craft Fair - October (tentative, 2021)

Square 1 Art- Fall 2021

Scholastic Book Fair- Oct. 22-29, 2021

Bountiful Baskets - Fall 2021

Magazine and Cookie Sales- Fall 2021

Jingle Bell Fun Run - December 4th, 2021

Gertrude Hawk Chocolate - Spring 2021

Family nights at restaurants - TBA

Scholastic Book Fair - Spring 2022
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