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Augustinian Academy has been a pillar in the Carthage Community for over 130 years.  The mission of the Academy is much more than what happens inside of our walls.  We take great pride in playing a vital role in our local community where all members, those new and those who have been here for generations, can find a welcoming environment.


   Our advancement department has a multi-faceted mission to 1) Recruit and retain current families to the Academy  2) Build a financial foundation that will allow Augustinian Academy to continue its mission for another 130 years; 3) Maintain and grow the relationships  Augustinian Academy has  with the local community and Fort Drum through alumni relations, local business partnerships and involvement with military families.

Fall 2018 Annual Appeal 

The Fall 2018 Appeal is now in the mail!  This fall our appeal is a combination of a traditional mailing along with a Day of Giving on Tuesday November 27th during the National Day of Giving.  Join us on our facebook page that day to see all the great things our students are up to with a live feed from one of our classroom!  Online gifts are easy and always welcome here!

2018 fall appeal jpg.JPG

2018 National Day of Giving


Spring 2018 Annual Appeal Newsletter

We are excited to share the great things that are happening at our school... through the eyes of our students!  Check out our latest mailing!  If you would like to be added to our mailing list please e-mail your name and address to

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