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Students Interact with Giant Map of New York

Students of all grades had the opportunity to interact with a giant map of New York State in the school gymnasium. The travelling map, as part of a program of the National Geographic Alliance Network, found a home at Augustinian Academy in the end of September. Students were able to actively learn about their state with activities such as:

Scavenger Hunt Game: Students with older students were given cards. They placed a cone on the location listed on the card.

Simon Says...Explore: Find areas on the map, Simon says find a city.How Big is NY? Using scale to find size or distance between cities (attractions).

Navigator/explorer: Student navigator had to guide an explorer (student or teacher) to a spot on the map.

Legendary Exploration: using and reading the legend to find areas on the map. Cones were used to locate specific spots on the map. Ropes were used to lay out latitude lines and longitude lines.The map was used to located historic spots (forts, battles, Erie Canal). Students also used the map for finding watersheds, populations, etc.

Thanks to Mrs. Schexnayder for coordinating the use of the map for our school!

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