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Welcome families!  Our goal at Augustinian is to help your student THRIVE during remote learning.    These resources are meant to support and supplement schoolwork and communication that will come directly from your student's teacher. 

Please check back frequently for updates. 


Grades PreK4-8

Username and Password provided by teacher

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Grades 2-4

Username and Password provided by teacher

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Grades 2-6

Username and Password provided by teacher

Digital Citizenship

Whether we like it or not, we've been thrown into this highly digital world and it is often overwhelming as we try to navigate this new way of educating our children!  Resources and information is abundant and it is often so much it's hard to even know where to start.   We have always recommended as a family resource and now more than ever they continue to help families and educators through all of this.  They have everything from on-line safety, media reviews, teaching media literacy to new and updated resources for online learning for both teachers and parents.   If you are looking for ideas and answers this is a great place to start!  

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Supplementary Resources

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New York Online Library.  Great free resources for students including Encylcopedia Britannica, Kids InfoBits and more!  You must click "use my location" when prompted.  As long as your are physically inside the state of NY, you will have free access.

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Both the North Country Library System and New York Public Library have made it possible to obtain a library card online and access all of their online resources.

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Grades Pre-k - 3 Reading

Grades Pre-k through 6+ 

Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing. 

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K-2 Math and Reading Skills with Movement!

Grades K-5

lego bits and bricks.JPG

Lego Bits and Bricks.  Puzzle based coding and problem solving.

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Fun for all grades.  Learn coding & develop creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Scratch Jr is an app based version perfect for ages 5-7 using a tablet or handheld device.

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nasa stem.JPG

Great at home STEM projects from NASA and MOST!

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